Why should I have a wedding celebrant?

8th of March 2023

Why do I need a celebrant for my destination wedding?

If you’ve been looking at getting married abroad you will have noticed the different legislations for foreign nationals marrying abroad. This is often paired with lots of paperwork and time, or is simply not possible at all. Incorporating a celebrant into your service solves these problems, allowing you to legally marrying beforehand in your home country. Following this, you can jet off to exchange your vows at your destination wedding.

How is it different from what a registrar does?

A registrar has a limited choice in two main factors - where they can marry you and the words they use. We have spoken to award-winning celebrant, Jennie Patrice, who explained the benefits of having a celebrant at your wedding...

"The benefit of being a celebrant is that I am not restricted to where a ceremony can be held. They can be conducted both indoors and outdoors - whatever the couples' preference is. I design the ceremony to suit the couple by writing a bespoke script - this could include religious content, such as a prayer, or something to include their nearest family and friends.”

What are the benefits of using a celebrant?

  • You can get married anywhere
  • Flexibility in the service content
  • Wording of the vows
  • A service incorporating multiple cultures or religions
  • Getting married abroad often requires lots of paperwork or in some countries is simply not possible. As a result, a celebrant can conduct the service and you legally marry in the UK before or after.

Am I legally married if I use a celebrant?

A celebrant does not have the ability to lawfully marry you, this will need to be carried out by a registrar. This can be done before or after the wedding as most couples consider the exchanging of the vows to be the ‘real wedding’ and mark their anniversary.

How much does it cost?

Getting married with a registrar, vicar or celebrant all cost around £500, plus approximately £75 for the paperwork at the registry. As a result, this means that you can have a personalised service for the same price as the traditional alternatives.

Thank you to Jennie Patrice for her tips. If you'd like more advice on hiring a celebrant for your destination wedding, or you want any wedding planning advice for your overseas celebration, Beyond Weddings can help. Simply drop us a line.

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