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Can I Legally get Married in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is home to beautiful, luxury wedding venues. First and foremost getting married in Abu Dhabi is only possible if at least one of you is a resident of the UAE.\nIf neither of you is a resident, then the only option is to have a symbolic blessing in Abu Dhabi. You would hold the legal formalities in your home country.\nThese are the steps that you need to follow in order to get married if one of you is a resident of the UAE:
  1. Regardless of age, for a woman to get married in Abu Dhabi, permission from her guardian is required.
  2. Following this, visit The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to find out which documents you will need.
  3. The marriage of two non-muslims can take place in a church, temple or the embassy of Abu Dhabi, depending on religion.
  4. You will need to attend one of the health centres in the UAE and get medically examined. This certificate will then need to be provided when you get married.
  5. During the marriage ceremony, you will need at least two witnesses to make the marriage legally binding, as well as all the documents listed below.
For more information, contact the Abu Dhabi embassy for legal advice and any recent updates to the marriage laws.\nabu dhabi legalities 3

Necessary Documents

  • Full birth certificates of the man and woman
  • Both of your passports
  • AUE pre-marital certificate
  • Photocopies of your UAE residents permits
  • Certificates stating your marital status
  • Medical certificate

Same-Sex Weddings

Same-sex weddings are not permitted in Abu Dhabi due to homosexuality still being classed as a criminal offence.\nThere are many options for holding your wedding day celebrations and a variety of stunning destinations. Fear not you can still have the wedding of your dreams! Visit our Abu Dhabi page to view our handpicked collection of wedding venues.


This information is appropriate for UK nationals getting married overseas. We always advise that you contact the relevant embassy for information before booking any trips. This information is up to date to the best of our knowledge.

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