What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

8th of March 2023

You’ve settled on your beach wedding and planning is underway. Whether you’re the bride, groom or guest, deciding on your attire for the day to suit both your setting and your personal style can sometimes be difficult to choose.

The Bride

One of the most popular styles for a beach wedding is the long, Grecian gown. Often made from a floating chiffon fabric to catch the ocean breeze it really does suit the peaceful surroundings of the ceremony. Why not try out a simpler bridal gown, free from details and distractions so you, as the bride, are the focus, not the dress. Having a beach wedding as your setting can provide such stunning views, and a crisp, white outfit will welcome your guests into a more intimate ceremony. If you like a little more detail in your look, perhaps choose a lace wedding dress instead. A glamorous sheer skirt or backless gown to highlight the openness of the nature around you would be a stunning vision. Whether you choose to have natural flowing locks or a beautiful, flowing veil, the pictures that you’ll capture will be remarkable.

The Groom

Sometimes, simple is best. Why not collaborate to match your bride in a simple style by donning a suit and bow tie. Black is beautiful, but a light grey suit teamed with the beach as your backdrop just adds to the warm inviting atmosphere. The buttonholes can also be used to make a real statement - we love the added buttons above. You could choose something to match your flowers or colour scheme, or go for something a little different. Light colours such as pinks and pastels really suit a beach wedding, whilst extra touches, such as feathers or items with a personal meaning, can really make such a small detail quite sentimental. What to wear to a beach wedding will inevitably come down to personal style, but a little inspiration can really plant the seed for a wedding day to remember.

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