Visiting Venice

8th of March 2023
A legendary city known for its historical palaces, stunning churches and a maze of canals, Venice certainly dazzles the minds of the Venetians and all its visitors - a perfect destination for a luxury wedding, honeymoon, engagement or anniversary.\n\nAs a World Heritage Site, the city boasts a wealth of culture, museums and restaurants - indeed, there are more works of art per square kilometre in Venice than anywhere else in the world. The island of Venice sits in the middle of a large lagoon, and the site remains largely unchanged since it was first established some 600 years ago.\n\nWhilst it may be one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit, don't let that put you off. Enjoy spending time in the car-free city getting around by slow boat - a crucial mode of transport in Venice. Expect to be on your feet a lot, so take suitable footwear when out exploring.\n\nThe Rialto markets are ideal for souvenirs, crafts and local food, whilst walks along the Grand Canal and across the Accademia Bridge make for ideal photo opportunities.\nThe Carnival comes to town in February each year, packing out the streets with visitors and street traders galore. Look out for the extravagantly detailed theatrical masks - they really are beautiful.\n\nWhilst it may become busy in the summer months, there are always plenty of quiet churches, squares and hidden cafes to tuck yourself away in to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets. November to January are often the quieter months, but they can also be the dampest. We would recommend heading out in the Spring, if purely for the Venetian pink marbled sunsets over the lagoon.\n\nIf you haven't visited before, waste no more time and book your trip today to 'The Floating City'.

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