The Impact of Celebrity Weddings

8th of March 2023
At the touch of a button people around the world are able to follow their favourite celebrities and have insights into their world, including into their wedding days. From extravagant balls to numerous outfit changes, to the secret and subtle ceremonies, the public always finds out. But what impact does that have on our wishes and expectations for our own weddings? Does it make us competitive?\n\nSometimes we find ourselves stalking celebrity weddings for the sheer fun of seeing what those in the limelight choose to do, where they focus their attention, who's attended and how many! They are the trend-setters of today - just look at the amount of Cinderella carriages that were booked after Katie Price and Peter Andre first tied the knot. It's all about the who, what, where and how. People want to replicate or outdo those in the public eye, and nowadays it is an achievable dream.\nAfter the wedding of Kate Middleton, brides were excited to discover replica designs of the Alexander McQueen gown, with long lace sleeves coming back into fashion again. The conservative bride became the must-have design to make every bride feel like royalty. Prior to that the princess gown of Katie Price was a favourite - the trends change with the celebrity styles, and the businesses and couples follow suit.\nBut it's not just the details. Venues are continuing to see the benefits of celebrity weddings. Justin Timberlake rented an entire luxury Italian hotel, arranging for the surrounding streets and buildings to be closed to ensure complete privacy. It only takes a little Google searching and a few phone calls to find out which venue a celebrity has chosen, only increasing venue exposure and ultimately future bookings.\nBut how about those who keep their details quiet. Charlotte Church recently got married in a secret, intimate ceremony, sharing a photograph on Twitter with her new husband. Are people starting to keep their weddings out of the public eye to enjoy a private celebration, without interference or prying eyes?\n\nA lot of the changing wedding trends are influenced by celebrity weddings, but would you follow or would you prefer to set your own trend?\nPhoto credit: Pinterest, Twitter

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