Top 12 Destinations for a Mountain Wedding

Rory Lemmon 8th of March 2023

If you want the perfect destination for your overseas wedding, mountainous areas make ideal backdrops. After all, you spend time perfecting all of the details of your big day to ensure that they’re as beautiful as possible, so why wouldn’t you choose a landscape which is just as eye-catching? From South Africa to South America, the world is full of breathtaking mountain ranges which would make dream destinations for your wedding. Here are 12 of our favourites...

mountain range with snow on top


Argentina is famous as a nation of great passion, which makes it a perfect wedding destination! From the bustling city of Buenos Aires to the more tranquil rural areas, the country offers many great wedding destinations, not least the area around its stretch of the Andes, which includes the highest peak anywhere outside of Asia, Mount Aconcagua. With beautiful landscapes and lush weather, Argentina is a perfect paradise for your mountain wedding.

Canadian lake with mountains


When it comes to tranquility, few nations pull it off as effortlessly and as beautifully as Canada. Crystal lakes sweep into marvelous forests, above which tower breathtaking, peaceful mountains. The geography of Canada is stunning, which means that if you’re searching for extraordinary scenery to grace your magical wedding day, you need look no further. From the Canadian Rockies to the Appalachians, the country boasts some of the finest mountain wedding destinations on Earth.

Canadian mountain range with snow on top


France as a nation has so much to offer. There’s plenty of variety in the weather, the geography and the cuisine, all of which make it a fantastic place to visit. It can even offer you something if you’re after a remarkable mountain wedding destination. From the ski resorts of the Alps, to the equally impressive Pyrenees, France’s mountain ranges are as perfect a location as any for your destination wedding.

Italian mountain range


Anyone who has been to Italy knows how well-deserved its popularity as a destination is. A world-famous cuisine, amazing architecture and wonderful weather are some of the highlights. And there’s plenty in the way of stunning mountain locations for you to choose from too. No matter whether you wed in Italy’s Alpine region, or the Dolomites, you’re going to come away with lasting memories and perfect pictures.

Japanese mountain with snow on top


Japan’s unique culture is a major pull for many couples looking for an amazing wedding destination. Alongside the great food and the general tranquility of the nation, its natural beauty marks it out as an idyllic place to get married. In addition to the iconic Mount Fuji, the Japanese Alps, consisting of the Akaishi, Hida and Kiso mountain ranges, provide countless scenic wonders as potential locations. A particularly romantic time to plan your wedding might be during ‘Hanami’, the cherry blossom season, when Japan celebrates the breathtaking beauty of its flowers.

Moroccan mountain range


When you think about Morocco, you would be forgiven for picturing deserts rather than mountains. However, the stunning Atlas mountain range runs through the country, separating its coastline from the Sahara desert. As a wedding destination, Morocco is growing in popularity, thanks to its rich culture and gorgeous weather. When coupled with the incredible landscape, these elements give the nation a mysterious, exotic and romantic aura.

Nepal mountain range with snow on top


Nepal, on the other hand, is one of the first places that many people will associate with mountains. This is largely due to its Himalayan range, including Mount Everest, which is of course the world’s tallest mountain. And whilst this makes Nepal the perfect place to go if you want the most extreme of destinations, the country has plenty more to offer. Combining the breathtaking landscape with the age-old native traditions, your mountain wedding will be a unique and special occasion to rival any other.

New Zealand mountain range foot path

New Zealand

New Zealand’s remarkable landscape is world renowned, and with good reason. No matter which of its two main islands you visit, you can’t help but be struck by the natural beauty of the country. But if you’re looking for the perfect mountain wedding destination, you’ll want to head to the South Island. Here, the spectacular Southern Alps tower into the azure sky, offering you plenty of choice as you search for your dream location.

Norwegian fjord with mountains


Norway is yet another nation whose stunning landscape is world-famous. Glacial activity has created not only the country’s well-known system of fjords, but also the incredible mountains which tower either side of them. As far as wedding destinations go, the Scandinavian Mountains are right up there with the most beautiful. You can get married in the area surrounding them almost anywhere along the peninsula, but the scenery in Norway is arguably the most gorgeous in the region, and will certainly make the perfect backdrop for your special day.

South African mountain range

South Africa

The nation which has everything! South Africa can offer you virtually any kind of trip you might want, from safaris to, believe it or not, skiing! The country has not only spectacular wildlife and sublime slopes, but also some terrific mountain destinations which are perfect for your big day. In particular, the area surrounding the South African section of the Drakensbergs is stunningly beautiful. There’s also the iconic Table Mountain, which overlooks Cape Town and the glorious Atlantic Ocean, making it a dream location for a picturesque wedding.

Swiss mountains with snow on top


Perhaps the definitive Alpine destination, Switzerland is synonymous with sensational mountain scenery. The nation’s iconic peaks are among Europe’s most famous natural landmarks, and it can boast parts of both Mont Blanc and The Matterhorn. The snow-capped summits of Swiss mountains provide the perfect setting for an exceptional wedding, and, with delightfully indulgent cuisine and welcoming locals, you’re bound to have a special day which will live long in the memory.

American mountains


There are so many remarkable mountain destinations in the United States that it would be impossible to exclude the country from this list. As a rule, the geography of the country tends to be incredible, and that certainly applies to its mountain ranges. From the Rockies and the Bighorns to Sierra Nevada, there’s no shortage of breathtaking mountain destinations for your wedding. There’s also an incredible diversity to the range of choices, meaning that you can hand-pick your dream location based on your own tastes, and make your venue as special as you deserve.

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