Moroccan Wedding Traditions

8th of March 2023
Moroccan Weddings vary from being simplistic celebrations to extravagant and elaborate occasions, however they are considered an important part of life and an opportunity to bring the family together for a celebration.\n

Hammam Day

This is a gathering for the bride and her female friends, family and neighbours, where a day is spent at the local Hammam. This is the equivalent of a spa day where the bride will receive various treatments in preparation for the big day.\n

Mandarin Oriental

Henna Party

Again the bride and female friends and family will get together but this time the bride will have her hands and feet tattooed with Henna, this is done to wish her a luck in married life. In Moroccan culture Henna is a symbol of fertility, beauty and optimism as well as giving the bride a beautiful and traditional look. The rest of the bridal party will also receive Henna tattoos once the bride has had hers.\n

The Wedding Day

Moroccan weddings usually start very late in the evening and will continue well into the early hours of the morning, with some even ending in breakfast! The bride's entrance to her celebration is very important and traditionally she will be placed on an "Amaria" which is a elegant roofed platform carried by 4-6 men with the groom leading the way to the wedding. The couple will then be seated on a decorated sofa where the guests will take lots of photos and take time to sit with the bride and groom. The bride will of course have many outfit changes throughout the wedding day.\n



This is considered to be a particularly important part of the wedding day with families spending a lot of money on the catering. Guests are often greeted with a glass of almond milk and dates, alcohol is not traditionally consumed. Couples will usually choose a variety of Tagine dishes for the tables, however, at many weddings you may find a whole sheep served at the table. The wedding cake is usually cut and served at the end of the event with the bride and groom leaving shortly after.\n

La Sultana Marrakech

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