L'oscar: A Luxury Valentine's Day Escape

8th of March 2023

Looking for a luxury escape to London for Valentine's Day? Look no further than Bloomsbury's new luxury hotel L'oscar, designed to be utterly seductive in a very up-market way.

Decide whether you are a saint or a sinner while you sip imaginative cocktails in the bar, before succumbing to the temptations presented in the Baptist Bar & Grill above. Staying the night? Enjoy a late night drink in the sophisticated Café L’oscar before you sink into a sumptuous bed, under the most luxurious duvet you'll find in the city.

This decadent hotel opened in 2018 and sets out to be unashamedly sexy with textured fabrics, deep sofas in opulent colours and a baroque feel. Designer Jacques Garcia was invited to create his own unique Parisian style in the heart of Bloomsbury, London, and he truly let his imagination run wild; bold jewelled colours, mirrors, huge painted peacocks, glass birds, butterfly taps and intricate details at every turn make Instagram images of the hotel instantly recognisable. The bedrooms have all you'd expect for in modern luxury living in London, but with fireplaces and original features carefully restored, intricate plasterwork and lots of velvet.

We're always on the look out for little touches that really make a hotel stand out. One of the many little luxuries that stood out were the heavenly duvets, where no expense was spared in finding the best in the world. L'oscars creator, Duncan Shakeshaft, explained that they are made from the softest down of Icelandic ducks, sourced directly from Iceland. To sleep under one is like sleeping under a warm cloud.

The hotel is in a vibrant area of London, just moments from Covent Garden and the Drury Lane theatres. If you are looking for somewhere truly divine for a night of romance, you've just found it.

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