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Heterosexual couple wins their right to a civil partnership

6th of June 2023

A step forward has been taken today for Britain with heterosexual couple Rebecca Steinfield and Charles Keidan winning their case for a civil partnership instead of a marriage ceremony.

The couple didn't agree with the inequality of marriage, with women described as the property of men, so decided they wanted to have a civil partnership instead so they could pass on a lesson of equality to their future children. Civil partnerships are reserved only for same-sex couples, but come with equality for both parties, allowing legal and financial protection should the relationship come to an end.

Some campaigners also don't agree with the religious connotations and proprietary and patriarchal elements of the marriage ceremony, and this could be a step in the right direction for future weddings.

The case was originally rejected by the court of appeal in February 2017, but was appealed to the Supreme Court who unanimously voted in favour of the partnership. The government can now seriously consider changing the law, particularly following the online petition signed by over 130,000 people.

Image: BBC website

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