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4 things to consider when travelling with a wedding dress

8th of March 2023

Tying the knot overseas and but haven't thought about how you're going to transport your wedding dress? Don't worry, it's not too late to start thinking about it now! Many brides will be considering which materials and fabrics they want for their dress when looking to see what will travel well, while others will be looking at what style dress they think will pack the best. Whichever you're prioritising, we've put together the 4 top things you need to consider when travelling with a wedding dress.

  1. Contact the airline This is your first port of call. When booking your flights, it's always best to check if the airline will let you carry your dress (and the groom's suit) with you. This is the ideal way to travel. Your dress is more likely to stay in better condition if it's being hung up in a locker for the duration of the journey. The cabin crew may even offer you the option of purchase additional seating for your dress. Whatever the outcome of this conversation it will allow you to plan ahead.
  2. Keep your eye on it Your worst outcome would be to lose the dress, so make sure it is with you at all times. Unfortunately, luggage can get delayed or temporarily lost so we'd advise NOT to put your dream wedding gown in the hold.
  3. Packaging and protecting your dress If your airline has said you can carry your dress on then that's great! Usually, bridal boutiques sell a wedding dress with a good quality dress bag and hanger cover for protection. The staff on the plane will then hang the dress in a secure locker for the duration of the flight. If the airline does not offer this service then you will need to look at alternative dress protection options. There are plenty of places that supply wedding dress boxes designed specifically for travelling which already fit in the overhead lockers so these are perfect for travelling to your destination wedding. Your seamstress or bridal boutique will usually offer to pack it correctly too, after all they're the experts!
  4. Portable steamer Once you arrive and depending on the material of your dress, you may need to steam the dress as it's inevitable it might have been slightly creased. We would advise investing in a mini portable steamer to take with you so you can make sure your dress is perfect. Definitely do some research on how to safely steam your wedding dress.
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